Tips for Making a Move to Hawaii Easier on Kids

Hawaii has been called paradise for many reasons, including its steadily gorgeous weather, rich culture, and more than 750 miles of shoreline. With a diverse population and an abundance of scenic havens, Hawaii has a lot to offer every member of your family, but change can be tough for kids even if they are looking forward to […]

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Downsizing for Your Upcoming Move

For many people, moving to a new home means getting rid of a lot of personal possessions. Finding the time, knowing where to start, and tackling various moving-preparation projects in an organized fashion can be challenging. The following tips will help.

Start Early

Downsizing is especially hard because many people develop personal attachments to their possessions. […]

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6 Tricks for Reducing Moving Stress

Overwhelming, exhausting, and stressful are the type of words most people use to describe the moving process. If you’re in the middle of a move, you might feel the same way. The list of things you need to do might seem endless.

The stress of the moving process can impact both your emotional and physical […]

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Downsizing to an Apartment? 3 Tips for Your Move

Maybe you’ve crunched the numbers, and you can’t justify the amount you spend to live in a house every month. Maybe you want to move closer to work or to a better neighborhood. Whatever your reason, if you’re moving from a house to an apartment, you’ve got a major transition ahead of you.

Downsizing isn’t […]

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

To safely move your household items, you should consider investing in quality moving boxes and shipping supplies. However, if your budget is tight, there are ways to save money. Check out these ideas.

1. Fill Laundry Baskets and Other Containers

To save on packaging supplies, start by using containers you need to move anyway. Instead of […]

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Five Tips for Purging Before You Move

Moving is a fabulous time to go through your possessions and get rid of what you don’t need. If you’re moving from Hawaii to the mainland or vice versa, purging can also be an essential way to save money on your move. Wondering about the best ways to purge? Here are some tips:

1. Start […]

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Moving Across the Ocean? 6 Tips for Waterproof Packing

If you’re a Hawaii resident and your moving destination is on the mainland or a neighbor island, you will probably have to ship your belongings by boat. Cargo boats offer reliable and cost-effective shipping options, but they also require more conscientious packing than a moving truck would.

In our previous blog, “5 Tips for Your Interisland Move,” we provided […]

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5 Tips For Your Interisland Move

Each Hawaiian island offers different opportunities. While the distance between your current house and future home may be relatively short compared to a move to the mainland, interisland moves present a unique set of challenges.

Whether you’re moving to the Big Island, Kauai or somewhere in between, follow these five tips to make the transition […]

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7 Ways Kids Can Help With Your Upcoming Move

A move is stressful enough already, but that stress can significantly increase when you move with kids. Your children may not have experienced a change this huge before. They may feel sad, angry and overwhelmed.

You can ease some of your children’s anxiety by letting them have a hand in the moving process. While they […]

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Moving to the Mainland This Winter? Tips for Traveling Safe and Staying Warm

Hawaii boasts relatively steady weather conditions throughout the year. If you move to the mainland, however, you may experience a truly cold winter for the first time or for the first time in a long time.

Winter conditions on the mainland vary widely, with the lowest temperatures and greatest amounts of snowfall appearing in the […]

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