7 Packing Tips for Your Entire Wardrobe

At first, packing up your accessories and wardrobe may seem simple. After all, most clothing folds easily and fits into a suitcase or box. However, when you're moving to a new home, you need to be a little more organized so your clothes won't wrinkle or get compressed. You'll also find that clothes and shoes quickly [...]

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How to Move Your Artwork

For an art collector, moving can present a special type of challenge. Your collection is your baby, and treating it with the kindest care is an absolute necessity. Whether your art has sentimental value or real market value, here's what you need to know about moving it safely. Wrap the Art Before packaging paintings, photos, collages [...]

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Moving and SPD: Tips for Moving With a Special Needs Child

If your child has sensory processing disorder, a neurological condition that causes your child to filter sensory information in a unique way, a household move can come with additional challenges. The unpredictability of SPD can make it difficult for your family to change its normal routine without upsetting your child — and moving will obviously disrupt the [...]

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How to Pack and Move to College

Going to college can be a stressful event. Whether you're starting your first year or returning after summer break, moving everything into a dorm or other type of college housing can be a challenge. These tips can help make your move to college this fall a little less stressful. Sort, Declutter and Purge Dorm rooms [...]

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How to Safely Move a China Cabinet

While many things are easy to toss into a box when moving to a new place, one item that you need to take special care of is the china cabinet. Not only is the china inside very delicate, but the cabinet itself requires some special preparation to move it safely. Here are a few tips for [...]

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5 Tips for Moving to a Hot Climate

If you currently live in a cooler or moderate climate and are about to move somewhere hot, you need to be prepared for the upcoming change. The heat presents a number of challenges for packing and moving, and you must also plan ahead to make sure you have everything you need for life in a [...]

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5 Space-Saving Tips For Your Upcoming Move

In the United States, the average person will move at least 11 times throughout his or her life, and moving can come as one of the biggest challenges. From personal items and clothing to furniture and appliances, most people have many loads to pack and transport during a relocation. Because most moving companies charge by the hour or by [...]

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Moving Your Residence After a Natural Disaster

The recent eruption of the Kilauea volcano has brought new attention to the possibility that Hawaii residents face of having a natural disaster destroy their home. While the islands provide gorgeous views, volatile weather or geological occurrences can leave significant damage to a residence. Whether it's a hurricane, tsunami or another type of natural disaster that has severely damaged your house, you [...]

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Tips for Moving With Teenagers

Moving creates big changes for every member of your family. Because of the dilemmas and dramas that often occur during the teen years, teenagers may have a challenging time coping with big changes such as relocating from one home to another. Here are some tips to help your teenagers with the transition and to help yourself have [...]

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6 Tips for Moving Your Office Within Your Current Building

"Many hands make light work" doesn't always work when you're relocating your company to another office suite within the same building. Packing up and moving from your tight first-floor office to that spacious office on the third floor doesn't need to be a headache, but it does require careful planning and organization. Here are six [...]

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