Business Moves

Guidelines for Office Relocations

  1. All cartons should be packed completely to the top and labeled on two consecutive sides. Do not label cartons on the top. Computers and CPUs do not need to be packed.
  2. All vertical file cabinets can remain full. Lateral file cabinets should be completely emptied. The exception to this rule is if there are stairs at any point within the move. In that case, all file cabinets should be completely emptied.
  3. Desks, cabinets, credenzas and all other furniture should be completely emptied. These items will be tipped on their side for transportation.
  4. All furniture should be labeled on the front of the item. Anywhere in plain view is acceptable. Chairs should be labeled on the back of the chair-back. If the chair-back is made of cloth, place the label anywhere there is wood, plastic or metal (preferably on the armrest).
  5. Computers, printers and all other electronic machines should be disconnected from each other and unplugged from their power sources. Phones and other network items should also be unplugged and disconnected. It is suggested that loose items such as power cords, phones, keyboards and mouse devices be packed in employees’ personal cartons.
  6. Wall hangings will be removed by the mover. However, removing the hardware from the walls is the responsibility of the customer. Also, any item that is attached to a wall should be detached by the customer.
  7. Copy machines that are being leased or that have service agreements should be handled by the authorized dealer. If the dealer allows, the mover will be more than happy to relocate these items. It is the responsibility of the customer to check on these parameters.
  8. All elevator, parking, loading dock and other logistical arrangements should be made by the customer. Also, any special requirements for the building (such as floor covering, restricted elevator operations, loading dock hours, etc.) should be made known to the mover well in advance of the move date.
  9. A supervisor should be appointed by the customer for both origin and destination sites. Floor plans for the destination, including layouts for each office, should be made available to the mover at least two days prior to the move date. All color-coding and labeling should be reflected in these plans.
  10. Relax! Proper planning and foresight will provide the groundwork for a smooth and seamless relocation.
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