Business Moves

Office Moving Services in Hawaii

You have probably seen our moving trucks with the Island Movers logo in downtown Honolulu, or parked in front of that “mom and pop” store in Pukalani. Businesses big and small count on Island Movers to provide the most professional service!

  • Based on the size of the office or building, job requirements can vary from a few men to multiple trucks and dozens of workers. That is why it is critical to work closely with the Estimator who will determine the needs of your business move.
  • Most business moves are done locally within the island of Oahu, so the estimated cost is based on time. Estimates for moving within the island of Maui are also based on time.
  • Island Movers recommends that companies pack their own document files. It’s a good time to review, purge or consolidate old files. Also, specific files can be located quickly during unpacking when files are packed by the owner. If you require a secure facility to store boxes of files, or need to safely destroy confidential documents, contact our partner company, Pro-File Record Systems.

Please refer to our Business Move Guidelines for more info. Ready to move? Click here for a free estimate!

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