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Central Examination Station Fee Schedule – 7/1/2023 to 6/30/2024

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30am – 3:30pm.

Full Container Load Cargo (FCL)

General merchandise in cartons or palletized/unitized cargo.

Container Size20′40′45′48′
Minimum Devanning$201.16$201.16$201.16$201.16
1/3 Devanning$292.29$468.75$546.72$604.71
2/3 Devanning$585.77$937.24$1093.44$1210.59
Full Devanning$887.52$1420.04$1656.72$1834.25

Full Containers – FDA, Refrigerated, Garments, Extra Handling Exams

Applies to examination of refrigerated cargo and merchandise not in cartons; i.e. bags, baskets, loose furniture, rattan ware, bales, household goods and personal effects, auto parts machinery, equipment tires, construction materials and drums (not palletized).

Container Size20′40′45′48′
Minimum Devanning$201.16$201.16$201.16$201.16
1/3 Devanning$429.56$624.83$718.31$781.02
2/3 Devanning$859.14$1249.64$1436.61$1562.06
Full Devanning$1301.71$1893.41$2177.41$2366.75

Partially Loaded Container & CFS Freight Moved to CES

50 cartons or less$177.50$236.67
51 – 100 cartons$236.67$295.84
101 – 200 cartons$295.84$384.61
201 – 300 cartons$355.01$473.35
301 – 400 cartons$414.18$562.11
401 – 500 cartons$473.35$650.85
501 – 750 cartons$591.69$887.52
751 – 1000 cartons$710.02$1183.37
1001 – 1500 cartons$946.69$1775.07
More than 1500 cartons$0.65 per carton$1.18 per carton

Military Goods & Vehicles

Household Goods contained in Van Packs

Vehicles contained in container(s)

Devanning Van Pack$76.18 each – includes reloading van pack into container
Van Pack SizeUp to 45″W x 87″D x 87″H

(anything larger will be $0.40/cubic foot)

Unloading & Reloading

Van Packs Contents

(for Customs Exam)

$70.67 per man per hour

(minimum $141.32) each pack

Devanning of Vehicles$472.55 to unload & $472.55 plus materials to reload

*Any household goods coming loose in a container will be priced as Section 2 Fee Schedule

Free Time & Storage

Free time starts from the time a shipment is released and will continue for 24-hours. The weekend will count as a chargeable storage days, except shipments released on Friday will be allowed to sit until Monday of the the following week.

Storage Charges – After Release & Government Hold

Container Yard Storage: $90.54 per container per day

Warehouse Storage: $7.10 per cubic meter per day, minimum 1 cbm

Refrigerated Containers Service & Storage

Charges for refrigerated containers will commence on the date and time the container is received at our CES terminal and calculated in 24-hour increments.

Refrigerated Plug-in (460V): $94.68 per day

Generator Set (Gen-Set) Fuel Cost: Market Price

Generator Set (Gen-Set) Fuel Monitoring: $71.00 per day

Container Cartage Charges

To/From Honolulu Harbor to CES (One way): $118.34

Steamship Line Availability/Release Fee: $88.77

Multiple Agency Examination Fees: $118.34

Recovery of Cargo, Sorting & Segregating

Labor: $71.00 per man hour with a minimum charge of $35.50

Forklift: $23.66 per ¼ hour

Pallets: $14.20 per pallet

Shrink wrap: $3.54 per pallet

Overtime Charges for Work Performed After Normal Business Hours

Weekday and Weekend: 25% over regular rates

Holidays: 100% over regular rates

Rates will be reviewed annually and subject to increases not to exceed the consumer price index of 10%, whichever is lower.

All rates are subject to applicable Hawaii State taxes.

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