Personal Moves

Household Moving in Hawaii

4 Weeks before Moving

  • If you are going to use professional movers, get price quotes from reputable, licensed companies and arrange for packing to be completed one to two days before loading.
  • If you’re packing everything yourself, start packing now, a few boxes a day. Arrange for storage.
  • Send change of address cards to friends, relatives, and magazine or other subscription services.
  • Arrange for interim accommodations, if needed.
  • Take care of your new location insurance needs.
  • Dispose of items you won’t be taking with you. Donate them to charity, give them to family or friends, or have a garage sale.
  • Send furniture, drapes, carpets and other items out for repair or cleaning.

3 Weeks before Moving

  • Assemble all of your important documents: medical/dental insurance, taxes, school, automobile and credit. Keep these documents handy.
  • Arrange to have utilities, appliances and telephone service disconnected. Arrange for utility and telephone hook-up in your new home, if possible.
  • Make all travel arrangements, including car rental.
  • Arrange to have appliances serviced one week before moving.
  • Review medical insurance requirements and arrange for medical support in your new area. Arrange for transfer of your records.
  • Notify credit card firms of your change of address.

2 Weeks before Moving

  • Take care of bills, stocks and investments.
  • Close out your membership at local clubs and organizations.
  • Arrange for transportation of your pet(s).
  • Notify the Post Office of your change of address.

1 Week before Moving

  • Transfer medical prescriptions.
  • Drain oil and gasoline from power equipment.
  • Arrange for a babysitter on moving day.
  • Arrange to discontinue your newspaper delivery.

1-2 Days before Moving

  • Pack your luggage.
  • Defrost and dry the refrigerator/freezer.
  • Obtain cash and travelers’ checks for trip expenses.
  • Pick up airline tickets.
  • Ship pets and cars if they are each going separately.
  • Pack essential medicines and documents to take with you.

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