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Consolidated Interisland Freight

Consolidated Interisland Freight is available to our valued customers on all the major Hawaiian Islands. The seamless service includes dropping off your commodities at Island Movers, shipping via Young Brothers, and pickup at the destination agent. For added convenience, we can pick up your freight for you and deliver it to your place of business for an additional fee.

Your commodities will be placed in a secure and weather-protected container. Your goods will never sit out on a dock unprotected from the elements. They will be delivered in the professional manner you’ve come to expect from Island Movers.

Of course moving goods between islands is nothing new to us, but we are continually looking for ways to improve our service. Consolidated Interisland Freight is the result of that commitment to you.

For more information on this exciting service, contact us at (808) 832-4000.

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