2da632aa 4c17 47ef 93d3 afc4e46af4aaMoving when you have a small baby is tough, but not impossible. With time, thought, and patience, it is possible to move smoothly and sanely while helping your infant adjust to the trip and surroundings seamlessly.

Do you have a new baby? Try these ten tips for relocating and moving with an infant.

1. Pack What You Won’t Need

When you begin to pack up the baby’s room, pack up the non-essentials first. This alleviates the pressure of trying to find something that the child needs that is packed away.

2. Pack Your Baby’s Bag

Next, begin putting together your baby’s bag which includes the items you will definitely need during the move and for a couple days after, such as plenty of diapers, clean onesies, and breastfeeding supplies, if applicable.

Create a small first aid kit with items that you could need, but that you don’t want to dig for, such as a pain reliever or diaper rash cream.

3. Line Up Your New Pediatrician

Make sure that you line up your new pediatrician and know where the nearest medical facility is if you are moving to an unfamiliar area. Ask your former provider to forward records before you leave so you will have a smooth transition to the new doctor in the event of an emergency.

4. Create a Safe and Secure Transition

Do what you can to make your baby calm and comfortable during the ride to the new home. Consider tactics like playing comforting sounds, nestle the baby against your neck during stops, and keep them in a dry, ventilated car seat any time the vehicle in moving.

5. Bring Plenty of Snacks

Pack a cooler with bottles, snacks, water, and skip the extra stops that can wake or upset a sleeping baby. Plus, breastfeeding moms will want snacks when feeding their child to keep up their strength.

6. Don’t Takes Risks to Save Time

Don’t try to save time by feeding your baby on the road. Always stop before feeding the baby to ensure safety and minimize the risk of injury in a collision or accident.

7. Reserve a Room

Budget and plan to stay in a hotel that is reserved ahead of time during the initial phases of the move; you will be so glad that you did.

8. Do a Quick Inspection

When you arrive, do a quick but thorough safety check to childproof the new house. This may include covering up utility sockets, removing trip hazards, or buffering sharp edges for babies that are crawling or toddling.

9. Set Your Baby’s Room Up First

Setup the baby’s room first so that you have an organized and peaceful place to lay them down at naptime and nighttime. This will give you a chance to work in the rest of the home without worry of waking the sleeping baby.

10. Leave the Moving to the Professionals

Make the entire experience less stressful for all, and hire a professional mover. You have enough to worry about; let a professional moving company take care of the rest.

In addition, plan on taking your time, stay rested, and eat well throughout your move so you can remain calm, cool, and collected during a time that is often stressful.

Talk to the professionals at Island Movers Inc. when you are ready to plan your move or relocation. We know that moving can be chaotic, and we are prepared to answer questions and offer estimates in the region. If you have a new baby, use these tips to help make the experience a bit easier and a lot calmer.