7 Tips to Furnishing Your Home From Scratch

Furnishing and decorating your first or a new home is exciting and daunting. Whether you plan to move into a new home or simply want to redo your current design, you will need to plan carefully in order to get your home looking the way you want. Here are seven tips on furnishing and decorating [...]

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10 Tips for Moving With Your Dog or Cat

If you plan on moving with pets, know that it can be just as stressful for them as it is on you. Take steps to ensure a safe and smooth move, whether it is across the country or down the street. Try these ten tips for moving with your dog or cat. Make Your Pet [...]

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Don’t Forget About These 5 Important Moving Tasks

When making a long-distance move, it is easy to get caught up in the process of going through all your belongings and packing them up safely. However, you also need to accomplish additional moving tasks, beyond packing, before your move-out date. Here are five items to put on your To Do List. 1. Change Your Address [...]

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Moving in Rain? Stay Dry, Safe and Protected

Some seasons of the year are wetter than others. If rain is in the forecast on your moving day, you need to prepare for the worst so you can avoid accidents like slips, falls and damage to your belongings. Here are some tips for protecting your belongings from water and protecting yourself from potential injuries. Cover Items With [...]

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Plastic Bins Are the New Cardboard Box

Even though standard cardboard boxes have helped millions of people move over the last several decades, modern movers have another option. Plastic bins or containers are becoming an increasingly popular option. If you're considering switching from cardboard to plastic, take a look at what these bins can do for you and your move. Moisture Barrier [...]

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5 Ways To Get Your Children Engaged in the Moving Process

As an adult, you probably have mixed emotions about moving. You're excited to start life in a new neighborhood, but you're also sad to leave certain people and places behind. Your children probably feel similarly about the move, but since they are younger, they may have a harder time managing their emotions. If you're able to [...]

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7 Packing Tips for Your Entire Wardrobe

At first, packing up your accessories and wardrobe may seem simple. After all, most clothing folds easily and fits into a suitcase or box. However, when you're moving to a new home, you need to be a little more organized so your clothes won't wrinkle or get compressed. You'll also find that clothes and shoes quickly [...]

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How to Move Your Artwork

For an art collector, moving can present a special type of challenge. Your collection is your baby, and treating it with the kindest care is an absolute necessity. Whether your art has sentimental value or real market value, here's what you need to know about moving it safely. Wrap the Art Before packaging paintings, photos, collages [...]

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Moving and SPD: Tips for Moving With a Special Needs Child

If your child has sensory processing disorder, a neurological condition that causes your child to filter sensory information in a unique way, a household move can come with additional challenges. The unpredictability of SPD can make it difficult for your family to change its normal routine without upsetting your child — and moving will obviously disrupt the [...]

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