Do you want an easy way to build your retail company’s client base, improve the customer experience, and save money? Then consider the value of adding outsourced local delivery. Local delivery — bringing goods directly to the customer as an alternative to both shipping and in-store shopping — can set you apart from your competitors. Discover a few reasons you may want to hire this service.

1. This Avoids Shipping Problems

More people than ever before shop online or have items sent to their homes. But this increase, coupled with continuing challenges in the global supply chain and shipping industry, means that late, missing, or damaged deliveries are more also common. And unfortunately for small businesses caught up in this, shipping issues will often reflect badly on your company.

By using a local service to hand-carry goods instead of sending them to global companies, you reduce the chances off all three mishaps. Your goods don’t enter the global supply chain, the local company takes more responsibility than giant corporations, and packages will be treated as you want them treated.

2. This Encourages Certain Sales

Do you sell any products that can be difficult for a customer to carry or set up on their own? If so, offering them a helping hand could be the key to making a sale.

A company that sells heavy gym equipment, bulky furniture, fragile artwork, or oddly shaped construction materials, for instance, should consider specialized transportation and even assembly services. While most delivery companies can’t do assembly or disassembly, you may find a moving company has plenty of experience in this service.

3. This Gives Customers a Personalized Experience

Stay ahead of the competition by making an impression on customers. The personalization of having their purchase brought to their door or office makes people feel appreciated and special. This shows that you value their time and their energy. And your company has another chance to wow them — simply by a friendly smile and greeting or even by including a gift of appreciation or unique unboxing experience.

4. This Outsources Costs and Labor

Delivering has many pluses, but it can be expensive to implement in-house. Small businesses usually don’t have a lot of capital with which to buy delivery vehicles, employ drivers, cover insurance and maintenance, and deal with additional governmental agency oversight.

Therefore, outsourcing is the best way to compromise. You pay a specialty company to take on all these costs and provide the labor. They also take on a fair share of the responsibility for anything that goes wrong and reduce your liability for things like accidents, missing shipments, or unsatisfied customers.

5. This Is a Gateway to Other Services

Finally, look ahead to where you want to take your small enterprise. Do you want to grow your delivery area? Do you want to expand into new territories? Offer more products? Go international? If so, start building toward this goal now.

Form business relationships with companies that provide not only delivery but also warehouse or logistics services, this will help you easily transition to expanding product lines and delivery areas without having to vet new vendors.

You also have the chance to learn about the transportation and fulfillment industry and what works for you while things are small and manageable. This speeds up the process later.

Could local delivery be a route to more success for your company? Whether you want to offer what your competitors can’t, encourage certain sales, or build transportation options for your future, Island Movers Inc. can help. We provide a variety of business services to Hawaiian companies of all sizes. Call today to learn more or set up an appointment.