As you prepare to move, you want to make sure you do all you can for the process to move as smoothly as possible. The best way for the moving process to unfold as easily is to plan well in advance to avoid any mistakes or oversights that some make during a move. The following are some commonly forgotten moving preparation tasks you should be aware of.

Hire Professional Movers

Above all, the best way to avoid any hassles is to hire professional movers. If you have not yet considered hiring a company to move your boxes from your home to your new location, think about doing so to make the process easier. A trained moving team will help ensure the moving process is quick, efficient, and safe.

Label Everything

This step may seem obvious, but you may be surprised at how lax you can get about labeling as you pack boxes. Do not simply label a box “living room.” You will have multiple boxes for your living room. Instead, list the items inside the boxes. When you are looking for a specific item once the boxes are in your new home, you will quickly find what you need rather than opening every box.

To make this process even easier, stock up on markers, labels, and good packing tape. You may even want to type out the items inside the box using a label maker or print out a list on your computer. Check every box before it is closed and moved by your professional movers for proper labeling.

Get Childcare or Pet Care

The moving process can be difficult for both young children and your pets. All your household belongings are scattered about the house and in disarray. You may find having someone else caring for your children and pets outside of your home beneficial to the moving process.

Large trucks, movers, moving tools, and the general commotion in a house can be stressful. Try to remember to secure care for your kids and pets before the moving day arrives.

Make Sure Moving Trucks Have Adequate Parking

If you live in a busy neighborhood where parking is at a premium, take the time to stake out a few parking spaces for your moving trucks. You will need a convenient location for your moving trucks to make the process run more smoothly.

Check with your area to find out if you need a special permit for the trucks to park to avoid any potential moving violations or other fines. Also, check with your neighbors and let them know what is going on. When parking spaces are scarce, the last thing you want to do is upset everyone in your neighborhood.

Set Up Your New Mailing Address Changes Ahead of Your Move

Once you start the moving process, you may forget to take care of some important tasks as you unpack and set up your new home. Before your move starts, consider setting up all address changes. That way, it will be done, and you will not accidentally forget after you move. You do not want to miss an important bill or other correspondence because you failed to change your address.

You can do this quickly and easily a few days ahead of your move. The easiest way is to make the changes online. Most utilities, banks, credit cards, and other important contacts have a way to change your personal information on their websites.

If online changes are not possible, you can call your contacts on the phone to make the changes. Visit your human resources department if you will have the same job after you move. You can update your address and phone number to ensure you get your important correspondence from your employer.

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