As you get older, you may opt to move from your current home to something smaller or more accessible for your needs. Some opt to move a long distance to be closer to family. Whatever the reason for your move, keep in mind these considerations when you plan to move in your golden years. A lot of planning must go into a move, especially as you age.

The following are some things to think about if you are a senior citizen and plan to move.

Consider Hiring Help

Before you begin thinking about the process of moving, strongly consider hiring a professional moving company to help. A moving company will pack your belongings, move them to your new home, and unpack them for you if you wish.

Using a full-service moving company saves time and energy during the packing and moving process. As packing and moving is a labor-intensive process, you may no longer be able to expend as much energy as you once were. You also do not want to risk an injury by lifting heavy items.

You not only avoid the manual labor, but the moving professionals also handle and pack your items. This means less chance of damage to your belongings.

A moving service also provides the materials necessary to pack for your move. This saves you time as you do not have to collect boxes and packing materials.

Plan to Downsize

If you plan to move from your long-term home, your first big task is often downsizing. Downsizing can be a long, arduous, and emotional task. However, if you plan to move into a smaller home, you may have difficulty moving a lifetime of items into a smaller space.

As you downsize, think about which items will go to your new home and which items you need to let go of. You can give excess items away to family, friends, or charity. You may also be able to sell items of value. Sentimental items can always go to other family members.

The key to the downsizing process is to give yourself enough time. Deciding what you will keep and what you will not may take a long time, particularly if you tend to have attachments to things. You may want to get the help of some friends or family members to help you as you downsize your belongings.

Consider Your Medical Equipment

If you or your partner use any type of special medical equipment, think about any special considerations you need to have in place for your move. Oxygen tanks, special beds, and other types of medical equipment must be handled a certain way to ensure the move is safe and the equipment does not get damaged.

When you use a moving company, be sure to provide information about any special medical equipment you use and how to move it. You may want to consult the manufacturer or your equipment to find out any special information necessary to move it safely.

Think About Your Pets

Many older individuals have special pets as part of their household. As you plan your move, determine how you will safely transport your pets from one location to another. You may want to have a friend or relative take care of your pet temporarily until your move is done. Moving is a long and often hectic process. The last thing you want is to lose a pet during your move.

Moving as a senior citizen can be a daunting task, but it can be much easier when you hire a moving company. We at Island Movers Inc. are happy to help you with this new journey. Call us today.