How can packing help your move go smoothly? The more attention you pay to the packing process, the less stress you’ll have on moving day. If you’re not sure how to perfectly pack everything from clothes to cookware, take a look at the top packing mistakes to avoid.

You Waited to Pack Everything

Did you wait until the last minute to pack? Even though your to-do list goes on and on, don’t put packing off until the night before or day of your move. A rush to pack in the hours before the movers arrive can result in misplaced items, damage, or added stress you don’t need right now.

Instead of squeezing in a night-before or day-of packing session, schedule this moving activity. Look at your calendar and choose a time to start packing. Ideally, you would start this process a few weeks before your moving day. This gives you time to sort, organize, and inventory everything. This also allows you to leisurely pack or fit this activity into the rest of your daily schedule.

You Have Too Few Containers

How many boxes, bins, and bags do you have? You can’t always estimate the just-right number of containers you’ll need for a move. Too few containers and you may need to overfill some of your boxes and bins. Too many containers and you’ll waste money on potentially pricey bins or bags.

To calculate the number of containers you’ll need for your next move, factor in the number of rooms in your current home, the number of items you’ll bring with you, the types of items you’ll move, and the size of the containers. You won’t need boxes or bins to move some items, such as furniture and appliances. Soft objects, such as stuffed toys, towels, bed linens, pillows, and some clothing, can go into bags.

If you have concerns about overspending on moving containers, look for free box sources. Grocery stores may have leftover cardboard boxes they give to customers for free. You can also save the packaging from online orders, large electronics, or appliances. Reuse these boxes and repurpose them into moving containers.

You Have Overweight Boxes

What happens if you accidentally ordered too few containers? If you’re tempted to overfill the boxes and bins you do have to save yourself a trip to the store, think again. Overweight boxes raise the risk of injuries and damage — especially if you drop the box or the items inside break through the bottom.

Instead of overfilling the containers you have on hand, separate out anything that contributes to the box’s or bin’s extra weight. Reassess the leftover excess items and repurpose or buy new boxes or bins to fit everything else into.

You Forgot to Label the Containers

Perhaps you spent weeks meticulously packing every box, bin, and bag. When the movers arrive, they load the containers into the truck with ease. But when they get to your new home, they’re not sure where to put each item. What went wrong?

You forgot to label the containers. Without labels, the movers won’t have a guide — and neither will you. This means you’ll need to open each box, bin, or bag to find out what’s inside. This can add a significant amount of time to your overall move or make it difficult for the movers to match each item with the room it belongs to.

As you pack, label each container. Stock your packing supply stash with labels, masking tape, and permanent markers. You can write the names of items directly onto cardboard boxes. Use sticky labels or masking tape for bags and plastic bins.

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