5 reasons to hire professionals for a short distance moveMoving home isn’t always a matter of moving to a new state or country. Many people only travel a few miles when they move. In 2017, 62% of moves were within the same county. A short move takes less time, but it is still an arduous task. Here are five examples of why to hire a moving company even when only moving next door.

#1. Items Get Broken

Items can still break when moving a mile or two down the road, just as they can when shipped hundreds of miles. Even a move across the street could put poorly packed items at risk. When you hire a moving company, you can rely on their expertise to pack items correctly, or at least to provide the supplies that would make it easier to pack safely.

#2. Space Runs Out

A new home equal in size to the previous house can still run out of room for belongings. People need time to organize and to put up shelves for adequate storage. A storage unit offers a secure temporary area for excess rather than tripping over boxes while unpacking the necessities. Moving is one of the most common reasons people rent storage units.

The services of a moving company can make it easier for items to go directly to a storage facility. A self-move can mean taking everything to the new home and then pulling out what the family does not immediately need. The property owner then must transport these items to the facility. A moving company can manage this process and save people valuable time.

#3. Furniture is Heavy

Carrying boxes of books, dishes, and large pieces of furniture can take a toll on a back. Even boxes of lightweight items become difficult to manage after several hours of shifting things from house to vehicle and back to a house. Professional movers have the skills and tools to do the work efficiently while the client saves their energy for unpacking.

#4. Plans Take Effort

Self-moves rarely take place without the help of friends and family. People need to borrow vehicles and ask for volunteers. Once people agree to take part, the person who plans to move must establish a date and time for the process, and stay in contact with everyone to make certain the vehicles and people will arrive.

Using a moving company requires people to make one phone call to set up the service. The company arrives on the scheduled date and time and handles everything. Professional movers leave when the belongings reach the new home and people can begin immediately unpacking.

Using friends and family for this purpose takes away the opportunity of the homeowner to show off their new house to loved ones when it looks its best. A moving company allows homeowners to become established in their new home before they entertain. It ensures everyone sees the home for the first time when it is clean and organized.

#5. Time Runs Out

The day of a move often feels shorter than you’d expect. The hours always pass by faster when there is so much to do. Consider that the average move, according to professionals, from a three- or four-bedroom home can take as long as seven hours with a moving company. Imagine how much time it may take to complete the work alone. A faster move lets people unpack and relax sooner.

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it is stressful too. Moving companies help to make the process a little easier. At Island Movers, we offer reasonable rates and exceptional services on any short- or long-distance move. Contact us to learn more about our services and receive a free estimate.