98d2cc47 7358 472e ae9a 79daa99ae3a3Did you hire movers to come and pack up your belongings to move to a new home? You’ve saved yourself half the trouble of moving. But before they arrive, be sure to accomplish these five key tasks.

1. Purge Unnecessary Items

Moving is an excellent time to go through your belongings and sort out what you don’t really need. You have many ways to do this, but what matters is that you get it done. Many people focus on items they haven’t used in one year or more. This gives you time to have cycled through all the seasons and holidays and gives you a good measuring stick about what you really need.

2. Inventory Valuable Items

Before a moving company packs everything into boxes, take an informal inventory of what you have. Although you should note all your belongings as a whole, make special note of any items that have financial or sentimental value. Take photographs and store them on a drive you’ll take with you or in the cloud. Video is also a good way to make clear what belongings you started with.

Find purchase records for expensive things like computers, artwork, jewelry, antiques, or technology that will be in the hands of the moving company. While moving companies are professionals who are experienced at protecting what’s in their care, you should be prepared for natural disasters or other unforeseen events. If something is of great sentimental value, consider transporting it yourself.

3. Pack a Traveling Box

No matter whether you’ll travel to your new home for a day or a week or more, you need to have some items with you rather than in the moving truck. This includes clothing and sundries for at least a few days, medicine for the whole family, kids’ toys or blankets, and pet items. Plan for several days at least and up to possibly two weeks, depending on the length and complexity of your move.

Clearly label anything you don’t want the movers to touch. In addition to your personal moving suitcase, consider labeling things like sensitive documents and work paraphernalia.

4. Pack What Movers Don’t

Ask your moving company ahead of time what they will and won’t pack. Most moving companies will not pack hazardous materials like flammable or corrosive items. Check your garage or shed for things that they wouldn’t touch, then decide whether you’ll get rid of them or pack them yourself.

In addition to dangerous goods, most companies don’t want to pack house plants or perishable goods (mostly food and medicines). You probably want to save your houseplants, so you should probably consult with a nursery on how to pack these yourself.

Most pantry items should be used up before the big moving day — if only to save time and space. Any expensive pantry or refrigerated items you want to keep — like cooking wine, alcohol, expensive spices, or pre-made canned goods — will likely have to be packed on your own.

5. Prepare the Family

Make sure everyone in the family knows what will happen during the move.

Plan at least one family meeting before the movers arrive so that you can go over the expectations for the big day. Will kids be at the home when movers are there? What will happen to the kids’ stuff? Who will be in the home when work goes on? Who will oversee any packing questions? How long will your things be in transit? And how can you reassure the kids about the process?

At Island Movers, we know that moving can be challenging for any family. We will work with you to make it as easy and quick as possible. Call today to learn more about our services, what we can and cannot transport, as well as what you can do to prepare your home and family.