Many people who decide to relocate feel overwhelmed at the thought of moving all of their belongings, especially if they are moving to another state or country. However, the process doesn’t have to be stressful. You can avoid unnecessary hassles with a few simple moving techniques that will help you feel prepared and ready when moving day arrives.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for your move.

Manage Your Utilities

One task you can do before moving day is to set up all of the utilities for your new home. Similarly, you will need to contact your current utility companies to end your current home’s utilities. Try to coordinate with utility companies early to ensure that they will have times available on the day you need them.

Keep in mind that utility companies may be in a different time zone than where you currently live. You may need to call later at night or earlier in the day to call during normal operating hours for your new location.

Additionally, make sure you change your address well in advance, so bills and other mail will arrive at your new home on time. Otherwise, you could get bills that are delivered late or even after their due dates. As a convenience, some companies allow you to change your address online.

Measure Furniture

A great way to prepare to move into your new home is to measure your current furniture. While all of your furniture may fit well in your current home, you may need to organize them differently in your new abode. Rather than assuming your furniture will easily fit into each new room, take the time to measure your furniture beforehand.

You will also need to get measurements from a real estate agent or building contractor for each room in your new home. These measurements can help you determine where you will place each piece of furniture.

Of course, you can rearrange furniture even after you’ve moved in. These measurements will simply help you determine if you have enough space, so you don’t ship any furniture unnecessarily.


You can start decluttering as soon as you decide to move. Often, people will put off decluttering until the last second and end up moving unnecessary items to their new home. You will thank yourself later if you start decluttering early.

The best way to declutter is to start slow. Focus on one small area, like a closet or cabinet. Avoid trying to declutter a large room all at once, especially if that space has many items that require sorting. Once you purge your home of unneeded items, give these belongings to charity or have a garage sale.

Organize and Pack

After you have decluttered your home, start packing items that you don’t use regularly. You may need to set aside items that you use daily to avoid packing them away, such as toiletries and clothing.

If possible, pack all items from one room into a group of boxes. You may have a few items that don’t have a definite room or place. Go through each room to find these items, and then place all miscellaneous items into a few boxes. When you take the time to organize while packing, you can save time and effort throughout the moving process.

Schedule Your Moving Day Plans

Save yourself from unnecessary stress on moving day by organizing your plans beforehand. Your plans may include hiring a moving company. Moving companies can help you ship your items and unpack if necessary.

You may also want to arrange childcare for moving day if you have children. If you are moving to a new state, you may need to research childcare options in that area.

Check the weather on your expected moving day to ensure you don’t end up moving in poor weather. When you prepare for the small details, you can avoid unnecessary chaos and ensure the moving process goes as smoothly as possible.


Try these tips to prepare for your new home. If you need a moving company, trust the professionals at Island Movers for help.