pen-calendar-to-do-checklistIs this your first time moving? If it is, you’ve probably never used a moving company before or never needed to. You might have just thrown your things into a few boxes and called it day. Or if you have moved, you may have underestimated how difficult it can be.

As trivial as it may seem, there is a process when hiring a professional moving company. Some people may think to just call a company and schedule a move the next day or even right then and there. However, this is not the case with many moving companies.


First, when planning a move you want to think about when. What time of the year, and what time of the month. Moving on a weekday or the weekend are also important considerations.


For most moving companies it’s busiest during the summer, and can get busy during the ending and beginning of a month. These are the most requested times to move. Moving during the weekday may have a cheaper rate than moving on the weekend.

Second, schedule and estimate. Most moving companies will offer free estimates, and require that a survey is done prior to the moving day. This is to ensure there is enough help and a big enough truck to move your belongings in.


If you need to move during the end of or beginning of the month or the summer months, pre-book a move date. Often times it’s considered a courtesy to the customer, and is usually free. That way you have a move date saved and won’t take a chance of not being able to move when you need to. Get an estimate at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

Lastly, consider if you want to pack your items yourself or if you would like the movers to pack your things for you. If you have expensive furniture think about purchasing movers insurance.


When moving locally it might be cheaper to pack your belongings before the movers arrive. Whereas normally when moving from state to state, packing is included in your moving fees. Always keep your valuables with you! Items such as jewelry, money, or important documents should never be moved by a mover.

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