pexels-photo-57627You’re making the move to Hawaii! Your move date is set, the plane tickets are bought, and you found a nice place to live in a nice community close to work. Most importantly you found great schools to send your children to. But you’re forgetting one more important member in the family, Spot, the family dog. How is he going to get to Hawaii?

Its one thing to move your entire family clear across the country to a chain of islands in the middle of the ocean, but it is definitely another thing to move your most beloved pets to make sure they have the care they need when moving too.

Here are some important things to consider when traveling and relocating your pets:

Can my pet fly with me on the flight to Hawaii?

There are no specific regulations with The Department of Agriculture, however it’s important to check with your airline carrier and their policies. Keep in mind it is required by law that the airliner bring all incoming animals to the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility once the plane has landed.

Can I send my pet ahead of me to Hawaii?

Yes, you can send your pet ahead. Make sure that you label your pet’s airline carrier with your name and all the important contact information to be used in case of an emergency.

Hawaii is a Rabies-Free State

Honolulu is the only entry port for all animals. As mentioned, your pet will be taken to the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility in transition to the Animal Quarantine Station located in Halawa Valley on the island of Oahu. The law requires that dogs and cats be quarantined for up to 120 days upon their arrival.

Requirements for the 120-day Quarantine Program

  • Health certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian within 14 days prior to your pet’s arrival to Honolulu.
  • A record of current rabies and standard vaccination against common infectious diseases.
  • Be free of parasites and treated for ticks, and other external parasites.

You always want what’s best for your pets, so be sure that you make the right decision in moving your pets if they are of older age, pregnant, or sick.

Once the last detail of your move is set, but definitely not the least, you can go on and feel at ease that you, your family, and Spot will make it to Hawaii together!

For more detailed information and requirements take a look at this brochure: aqsbrochure

For additional laws, fees, and quarantine information visit the Hawaii Department of Agriculture website at: