Happy couple packing glasses together in the living-room for their removalAn organized move is an easy move. If you’re not sure what strategy to use, take a look at the top ways to organize your boxes, bins, and bags.

Organize by Color

Create an easy-to-understand visual organization system with matching colors. While you can use a rainbow of markers or tiny sticker dots to mark each box or bin, this type of color scheme often goes overlooked by movers who don’t have the time to search for organizational hints.

Make moving easier on everyone and choose an obvious color organizational scheme. Instead of writing “Kitchen” or “Bedroom” on each box in red, blue, or another hue, choose like-colored plastic storage bins.

Select a color for each room of the house and buy bins to match. This might mean you put all the kitchen items into blue bins, bedroom belongings into red, office supplies in orange, and the kids’ toys in yellow. If you prefer to use clear plastic bins (to easily see what’s inside), color code the lids.

Don’t expect everyone to immediately understand your color-coding system. A visual reminder eliminates the need to constantly tell the moving contractor or anyone else helping you where each bin belongs. Use a large sheet of poster board as a color key code to allow movers, packers, and your family to find what they need easily and move bins into matching rooms.

Organize by Type of Container

What happens if you don’t want to only use plastic bins for your move? If you have a mix of bins, boxes, and bags, you can use each item as part of an overall organizational strategy.

Select one type of container for each of the primary rooms. Match the container to what you have to move and what makes sense to fit inside of it. This may mean you move all bathroom linens in bags, heavy books and office supplies in bins, and delicate dining room dishware in corrugated divided cardboard boxes.

Like with color-coding, create a chart to identify your container coding system. Again, this makes the move easier on everyone from the contractor who is paid to help you to your family and friends.

If you’re not sure what to call each type of container or you feel the chart is confusing, take photos of the specific boxes or bins. Tape the photos onto poster board and write what room corresponds with each photo.

Organize by Number

If you can’t color- or container-code your boxes, bins, and bags, a number system is another option to organize and simplify your move. Like with color-coding, a small written number, tiny tag, or sticker won’t help everyone to easily identify what goes where.

Instead of writing 1, 2, or 3 on your containers, create larger numbers with colorful or bright duct tape. Tear and cut the tape in the shape of each number and apply it to the top and sides of the boxes and bins. Size the number to fit on an entire side (or top). This makes the number noticeable and leaves no room for error or mistakes.

Don’t worry if you aren’t crafty or can’t cut the tape into perfect numbers. You can paint over-sized numerals onto the boxes or use large decals to label bins.

Along with numbering each container, you can also create a coordinating chart or key. Write the number and what room it corresponds to. Like with the color and container code, this is an easy visual cue for the movers and anyone else who is helping you.

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