Close Up Of Man Carrying Sofa As He Moves Into New HomeAre you preparing to move into a new home or apartment in the near future? If that’s the case, you have a lot of preparations to make, but one crucial task is to get your furniture ready for the move. Discover some key tips that will help ensure that your furniture is moved properly.

Inventory and Cleaning

Before doing anything else, make an inventory of all the furniture that you plan to move. You don’t want to overlook any piece of furniture and discover on moving day that you didn’t prepare it for the move.

Also, clean all the furniture that is to go into the moving truck. Removing any dust and debris from the furniture makes it easier for the moving company workers to handle and also avoids bringing dirty furniture into your new home.

Disassembly and Packing

Disassembling your furniture into smaller pieces can make it more convenient for the movers to load and unload the furniture. Removing any smaller pieces, such as table legs and drawer handles, from an item of furniture also makes it less likely that the smaller piece will be damaged during the move.

Consult any assembly and disassembly instructions that came with each item of furniture, if you have them. If not, remove any pieces that are clearly removable, such as table legs, casters, knobs and handles, and any other hardware or components that comes off easily with a screwdriver or wrench.


Place all of the hardware, such as screws and nuts, for each piece of furniture into plastic bags, and then tape the bags securely to the appropriate disassembled piece. For example, if you have removed a table leg, tape the bag with the screws and nuts you took off onto that leg. Doing so makes it much less likely that you will mix up the hardware of different pieces.

Disassembled Pieces

As for the disassembled pieces that you have removed from the larger items of furniture, enclose them in plastic wrap and pack them into a cardboard box. To avoid any confusion, make sure that each box holds only those pieces from the item of furniture from which they were removed. Don’t pack pieces from different items of furniture into the same box.

Also, label each box so that you know to which item of furniture the pieces inside the box belong.

Sofas and Couches

If you have a sofa or a couch with removable cushions, place the cushions, along with any pillows, into clear plastic garbage bags.

Intact Furniture

To pack your large furniture, place bubble wrap around your wood furniture, such as desks and tables, and use plastic sheeting to cover your upholstered items, such as sofas and upholstered chairs.

To further protect your furniture once it’s in the moving truck, use moving blankets to cover each item. Your moving company will be able to obtain moving blankets for you in most cases.


If you have a large mirror to pack, place a large X across the mirror’s glass with painter’s tape. Then flatten a piece of cardboard and cut out a section that is the same size as the mirror. Tape the cardboard section over the mirror. Next, wrap the mirror in brown wrapping paper and cover the mirror in bubble wrap.

Finally, place the mirror in a special mirror packing box. You can obtain a mirror packing box from your moving company.

For more tips about preparing your furniture for a big move or to let us move your belongings to your new home safely and efficiently, consult the moving experts at Island Movers Inc. Contact us to learn more.