holiday movingIf you plan to move during the holidays, you can easily become overwhelmed. Try to remember the many perks of moving during this time, such as making memories in your new home this year. Moving during this time of year doesn’t have to be difficult; use these tips to hang on to your sanity and your holiday spirit during your move.

Spread Some Spirit Around

Try to create at least one comfortable and organized space in each home that you can decorate, even a little, to put you in the holiday spirit. It is the perfect time to weed out your holiday décor and get rid of what you don’t want; move the items you want to keep to the new home and set them up to create a more welcoming environment.

Keep the decorations at your old home that you can simply toss or donate afterward — enjoy time in either and both locations!

Recruit Freed-Up Family and Friends

Another benefit of moving over the holidays is that you may be able to recruit friends and family that may have time off between the holidays to help. Start asking ahead and make a list of who offers to do what; call them to confirm.

Take Advantage of Holiday Hospitality

If your friends and family are feeling particularly hospitable, they may offer for you to stay with them during the holidays until you are all moved in. Take them up on this and have a relatively stress-free holiday amid your relocation. After a restful holiday, you can get back to unpacking and getting settled.

Be Vigilant About Creature Comforts

Even though it may be stressful trying to remember all that you need to in the middle of a move, be very careful about getting your creature comforts in place, like power, gas, cable, and internet.

The holidays might seem a bit sad without electricity or water; make sure that these utilities are in-place well before you plan to move in, if possible, and plan on it taking a couple weeks after calling to get an installation appointment to be safe. Additionally, make time to set up your security system installation before you move your Christmas gifts and belongings in.

Don’t Become Complacent

Speaking of security, be vigilant about home security at both sites during the Christmas season. You may become victimized when you go back and forth from one residence to another and become lax about locking up. Don’t let your holiday be ruined by thieves; take time to pay attention to security.

Separate Your Gifts From Everything Else

Don’t let the move impact your holiday gift-giving; keep the gifts separate and with you during the move. Make room in the trunk for your goodies and if you know you are moving before holiday shopping time, buy accordingly; consider giving gift cards or other smaller trinkets that are easy to store. Whether the gifts are wrapped or not, pack in moving boxes, wrap in tissue or bubble, and label clearly.

Change your Address Sooner Rather than Later

Change your address ahead of time; remember that the US Postal Service will only forward your mail for one year from the date of your request. Make sure that you get your cards and gifts this holiday by filling out the change of address early and contacting those that regularly correspond with you — like banks and creditors — of your address change. Go to the postal service website or visit a local branch to fill out the card.

Also, remember the weather can wreak havoc with a move during the holiday season; stay safe! Allow plenty of time to get to your destination and make sure that none of your belongings or items are impeding your visibility in the vehicle.

When it comes to moving, hiring professionals makes a lot of sense. Call the industry experts at Island Movers; whether it is the holiday season or middle of summer, they are ready to help you get in your new home while holding on to your sanity and holiday spirit!