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Are you getting ready to move from the U.S. mainland to the state of Hawaii? While your gut reaction may be to pack everything you own, some items may not be allowed. Hawaii has restrictions on items that can be brought into the state. Before you get ready to pack up your home, know what items will need to be left behind or checked when entering.

Plant Restrictions

Many species of plants have restrictions when brought into Hawaii due to how invasive they are. When foreign plants are brought into a new environment, they can bring diseases or bugs with them that can be detrimental to plant life. Bugs are especially harmful if they do not have a natural predator that exists in the new environment.

That is why the Aloha State has restrictions on what plants are allowed when you are moving to one of the Hawaiian islands. Imagine a new pest that is able to destroy crops without a predator to kill it off before it causes too much damage. That’s the basis for plant restrictions in the islands.

Be aware that any plant that you want to take with you would have to be inspected, treated, or certified before you can bring it to Hawaii. You may be better off leaving the plant back on the mainland because it may not be worth the hassle.

Food Restrictions

Hawaii also has restrictions on what types of foods you can take with you into the state. In general, commercially-processed foods will be safe to bring along. The main concern is food that can grow in Hawaii that might change the local variety that is grown.

Fruits like pineapples and coconuts will be restricted, but locally grown varieties are free to take with you if you ever travel off an island. Hawaii also has restrictions on root vegetables such as radishes, rutabagas and turnips.

Any seeds that can be used to grow foods on the island are not allowed either. If the seeds of a fruit can be used to grow more in Hawaii, assume that those seeds are not allowed to be brought with you.

In addition, don’t take fresh fruit on a long move to Hawaii. Chances are your fruit will not survive the trip. You’re likely to end up with spoiled food that smells bad and needs to be thrown away at your destination. You’re better off enjoying the fresh fruit that Hawaii has to offer.

Hazardous Material Restrictions

You should also check with your mover about what items the company restricts. Moving companies often do not allow items that can be flammable. This is due to the risk of a fire caused by the flammable item when it is in a moving container for a long period of time.

You can start by removing batteries from electronic devices before they go into moving boxes. If the batteries do not explode, they can leak battery acid and ruin the device they are in.

If you plan on painting your new home, leave the paint behind and buy new paint once you reach Hawaii.

If you are taking a BBQ with you, leave the fuel source behind because it is too dangerous to move. This includes charcoal, lighter fluid and propane. You can buy replacement items when you are settled in your new home.

For more tips on what you can and cannot take with you when moving to Hawaii from the mainland, contact Island Movers.