Mar2018 OnSite Blog1 Save Your Sanity and Money With These Apartment Moving Tips

Moving presents several challenges, and moving from an apartment is no exception. To protect your sanity and your wallet, learn what these challenges are so you can move past them with ease. This guide lists just a few of the things you can do for a stress-free apartment move.

Schedule Wisely

Apartment living offers a wealth of conveniences, but there may be some downsides. One of the drawbacks of living in an apartment community can be a lack of space. With such close quarters, parking and space in the common areas are often limited. You can save yourself a lot of time by scheduling your move during a period when most of the community is likely not to be home.

Saturday moves are often the most convenient, but people are more likely to be at home during this time. Finding parking for moving vehicles will be a challenge, and you won’t be able to store any items outside as they’ll likely be in the way of other inhabitants.

A better option would be to schedule your move on a weekday during the middle of the day when most of your neighbors are likely to be at work.

Hire Professionals

When you moved into your old apartment, you probably paid a security deposit for your unit. Whether your deposit was $1,000 or $5,000, having this deposit returned to you is the goal. The condition you leave the unit in will determine how successful you are at this goal.

Hire a moving professional to avoid costly damage to the rental unit. Scratches on the floor, holes in the walls and damaged doorframes are all issues that can arise when people try to move on their own. Professional movers have the skill and the tools necessary to avoid this type of damage to protect your security deposit and your belongings.

Get Help From the Rental Office

Even though you’re moving away from the property, the rental office may still be able to help you on moving day. For instance, if you’ve hired a moving company, contact the rental office to see if you can get permission to park the vehicle near the entrance of your unit, provided it doesn’t pose any safety hazards.

If you live in a high-rise apartment building, the rental office may also permit you to use the service elevator. The ability to use the service elevator can drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to complete your move since you won’t have to wait for and share the elevator with other residents in the building.

Pack an Essentials Box

When moving out of an apartment, after the last box is loaded and the moving truck has departed, the hard work isn’t over. Now comes the task of preparing the unit for turnover back to the rental office. You can simplify this process by packing an essentials box before your moving day.

Include items like kitchen and bathroom cleaning agents, floor cleaners, and any other cleaning products you think you’ll need. It might even be helpful to purchase a small can of paint to cover up any paint damage you may have caused while living in the unit.

Once you have this box packed, put it safely away from the rest of your belongings to ensure it stays behind, and then clean your apartment before your move-out inspection. Remember, the cleaner the apartment is, the easier your move-out day inspection.

Keep these tips in mind for a faster and more pleasant move. Whether you’re moving from an apartment into another rental property or your first single-family home, our experts at Island Movers, Inc. are here to meet all your moving needs.