Hawaii has been called paradise for many reasons, including its steadily gorgeous weather, rich culture, and more than 750 miles of shoreline. With a diverse population and an abundance of scenic havens, Hawaii has a lot to offer every member of your family, but change can be tough for kids even if they are looking forward to the big move to the Aloha State.

By being persistently positive while taking your kids’ concerns seriously, you can help your children as they adjust to their new island home. Here are some tips.

Take Your Kids to Visit Before the Move

If your children get the chance to explore Hawaii before you move there, you may find that they become more enthusiastic about living on the islands than you are. Even going for a short trip can introduce them to the many perks of living in Hawaii, and they may start seeing the advantages of always being within driving distance of a beach or other scenic site.

As part of the visit, try visiting the school your children will attend. Meeting the principal and seeing the grounds of the school can help your kids envision themselves living on the island. You may also try taking your kids to see dance performances, ball games, or other local events that show how they can still enjoy the same hobbies once the family moves to Hawaii.

Insert Some Extra Excitement Into the Packing Process

Professional movers can make things much easier, but you may still want to enlist the help of your kids in the packing process. Amp up the fun factor when you do. Let younger kids pick out a new set of markers and packs of stickers for decorating the moving boxes. Encourage their creativity as they have fun making their boxes works of art.

You can help teens get motivated by talking to them about the perks of moving. You may offer to replace any clothes they choose to donate while packing. That way, you can reduce how much you have to move while also providing teens with something to look forward to soon after you move to your new hometown.

Try Role Playing With Younger Children

If you have little ones who are curious about the move, try role playing to ensure that they understand the concept of permanently moving to a new home. Pretend that you are a child moving to the new home and role play from the child’s perspective. You may phrase things from the perspective of a child and express the positive things you envision about the move.

Role playing can help you understand what your kids are going through and also help your children feel understood. Ask for their feedback and input, and then give your children the chance to pretend to be the parents who are planning the move. Let them know how you feel. This exercise in role playing can bring you all closer together during the move.

Finally, keep in mind that there are resources available to make the transition easier on you and your kids. As a transportation services company, Island Movers offers a variety of services to make the move easier on every member of your family. No matter how short on time you are, we can help you successfully complete the move on your timeline.

We can provide full moving services in addition to contract services in which we deliver appliances and furniture you purchase from some of Hawaii’s largest retailers directly to your home. That’s sure to cheer even the testiest teen right up. Before you know it, your kids may be referring to themselves as locals and claiming they’d never live anywhere but Hawaii.