A lot of things have changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, including everyday activities people usually take for granted. If you’ve purchased a new home during the pandemic, you need to look at the logistics of the move and take some new approaches to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Follow these safety tips to help with your move and reduce any possible exposure to COVID-19.

Buy Moving Supplies

Moving requires a lot of supplies to pack up items, protect furniture, and keep your home organized. To help reduce your exposure to the public, you want to limit the number of times you go to stores looking for packing options. Moving companies can provide you with all the packing supplies you need. All the supplies are delivered to the home before the move.

With everything available at once, not only will you limit your public exposure, but you can start packing quicker. A moving company will know your house size and have the expert knowledge to estimate an ideal number of supplies necessary for your move.

Have Box Labels

Not only can a moving company help with the supplies, but the company can help with the whole move from start to finish. Social distancing is a key aspect of preventing COVID-19 transmission, and one way to help reduce interactions is with box labels.

Box labels give you the chance to provide detailed information for the movers. The basic information will help the mover place the boxes in specific areas. For example, you could label a box of clothes with Upstairs Bedroom with Blue Walls. The more specific you are, the easier time movers will have setting your boxes in locations.

If you have hired complete moving services to unpack boxes, then you can go even deeper with the labels. For example, you could have a box label for a cup of mugs read Kitchen Mugs: two cabinets to the right of the sink.

Have Arrival Wipe Downs

Wiping down surfaces and items with disinfectant wipes is an ideal way to help reduce viruses and germs on surfaces. Before and after moving services arrive, you should take wipes to any door handles inside and outside the house. The extra precaution will go a long way in preventing germ exposure.

If you opt for full-service moving, wipe down additional handles and knobs on cabinets, appliances, and drawers. The initial wipe down will help the movers, and the follow-up will help prevent germ spread for yourself.

Along with wipes, you can consider a general disinfectant spray to cover surfaces. Also, consider placing hand sanitizer bottles at key locations, including entryways or common home areas like a kitchen counter. The hand sanitizer is ideal for anyone not wearing gloves during the move and will help kill off any germs or bacteria.

Open Windows

A common way COVID-19 spreads is through uncirculated air. Particles in the air remain when they are when not properly released into the open air. Help keep the airflow moving in your home by opening all of the windows. You should open the windows for any room you plan for movers to enter.

The windows should be open in both the house you move out of and the house you move into. To help the airflow even further, you could add fans near the window areas. The fans will help the air circulate and provide a constant fresh breeze through the home.

For more information on professional movers, contact us at Island Movers Inc. Our staff will use their experience and expertise to be as safe as possible during your move.