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From the closets to the dressers, bedrooms are filled with valued and much-needed items. Since some of these belongings, such as wedding dresses and antiques, may be delicate, you need to handle them with a little extra TLC during the moving process.

Whether you do all of the packing yourself or hire a professional moving company, you can prepare your belongings in many ways. Proper preparation, such as organizing and wrapping, as well as packing, is crucial no matter if you move to the next town over or across country.

The following are some ways you can protect all of your bedroom items during the moving process.

1. Organization

Before packing up any of your items, take the time to organize the bedroom. Go through each closet, drawer, and dresser to determine what’s worth keeping and what you want to throw away or donate. This step is especially important if you downsize your home or have limited moving truck space.

Look at each clothing and piece and consider getting rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year or two. Do this for each family member’s closet as well. You may also want to throw away any decor items, such as picture frames or candle holders, that won’t match the look of your new home.

If your jewelry box is a mess, organize it by separating and categorizing the pieces. Not only will this help you decide what to keep and what to get rid of, but you can also individually wrap and pack any delicate or heirloom items.

Other areas that you can organize prior to packing are toy bins, shoe racks, chests, and your kids’ arts and crafts storage containers. Have your children go through the process with you, choosing items to donate to local charities.

2. Protection

Next, protect your bedroom items to avoid damage during the moving and possibly storage process. After removing the pieces you’ll need from your dressers, wrap them up using either a heavy-duty plastic wrap or furniture blankets. Secure the wraps tightly with packing tape.

Then, secure any delicate items, including glass decor pieces and antiques, with bubble wrap. Layer them carefully into boxes and label. Consider carrying any smaller valuable pieces, as well as important paperwork, with you in your car rather than the moving truck.

Right before your move, encase your mattress in a protective bag to keep it clean and damage-free throughout the move. Make sure it’s free of any debris, such as food crumbs or pet fur or dander, prior to wrapping it up.

3. Packing

As with any room in your home, first pack up bedroom items you don’t use on a regular basis. These may include extra blankets, knick-knacks, books, DVDs, record players, and any seasonal items. Label the boxes with the room and type of items using a permanent marker.

To keep your clothes in the best condition, use sturdy wardrobe boxes. These boxes are typically thicker than their standard counterparts and sometimes allow you to hang, rather than fold, the clothing pieces. This is especially handy for delicate, wrinkle-prone, and dry-clean-only items.

For convenience, group the pieces by style or even season so that you can quickly find what you need in your new home. With your family members’ shoes, place expensive or fragile pairs in their original boxes for added protection. If you don’t have them, use specialty shoe organizers before placing them into boxes.

No matter what your packing or moving needs are, Island Movers Inc. can quickly, safely, and efficiently get the job done for you. Contact us today to start planning for your move.