Most people see Hawaii as a tropical island paradise. In many ways, it is exactly that. In many other ways, it is a real place with challenges to navigate just like every other state in the U.S.

If you’re moving to Hawaii from the mainland, expect your relocation to include a handful of these obstacles. Not to worry, though. You can conquer each challenge with a little bit of preparation. Here are the top five things you can expect when you relocate to Hawaii and how you can prepare for them.

1. Secure Your Job

When people move anywhere, securing a job is a high priority. Many people move to the Aloha State, and many have to leave it because they can’t find suitable employment.

In order to facilitate the best transition possible, get your job before you arrive. Some employers will require you to be on the island before they hire you. If so, visit on a scouting trip and interview in person to show them you are serious.

2. Figure Out Your Housing

Housing in Hawaii can be tough to come by. Shortly after you have secured a job, you must secure your housing.

Many people move to Hawaii as part of a corporate relocation, in which case they will have assistance in finding a suitable place to live. Other people get a job in Hawaii, rent for the short term, and look for long-term housing options. Either way, start your search early and be diligent in seeking out the right option for you and your family.

3. Sell Most of the Things You Don’t Need

Because most island residences represent a significant downsizing for mainlanders, you won’t need to bring absolutely everything with you. Create an inventory of everything you own. Sell off things that will cost too much to ship and things that don’t make sense to bring.

For example, consider selling your large furniture such as beds and couches, and purchase these items once you arrive in Hawaii.

Also, you won’t need a ton of winter items. Your garage on the mainland might need to store skis and snow tires, but your new home in Hawaii will not. Your current closet may be full of puffy winter coats and boots for the snow. You won’t need too much of that in Hawaii.

4. Bring Hard-to-Get Items With You

Most of the amenities you need you’ll find in Hawaii. The Aloha State has major department stores, shopping malls, and grocery outlets just like the other states.

That being said, you may not find your preferred brands of beauty products and household items. If this is an issue for you, buy them in bulk on the mainland and bring them with you. You can resupply when you go back to visit family for Christmas.

5. Adapt to the Slower Pace of Life

Island life can be very different compared to where you’re from. All in all, Hawaii has a much more laid-back culture than the mainland. The sooner you adapt to it, the more enjoyable your experience will be.

Just because you’re about to move to a more laid-back place, it doesn’t mean you can’t expect great moving services. Before you book your flight to Hawaii and pack your stuff, contact a reputable local moving, trucking, and freight-forwarding company with locations on Oahu and Maui.