Access to scenic beaches, extensive outdoor activities, and a slower pace of life may be a few things that attract people to the Hawaiian Islands. If you want to incorporate the beauty and culture of Hawaii into your daily life, then relocating permanently to one of the islands could be a great solution.

Moving from the mainland to Hawaii can come with some challenges. If you have never completed a move across an ocean, you will want to consider partnering with a reputable moving company like Island Movers, Inc. Here are three reasons you need a moving company you can trust if you decide to relocate to Hawaii from the mainland.

1. You Will Need Help Packing Your Belongings

Getting your belongings to your new island home can present a significant challenge. For most people, investing in passage on a cargo ship is the most affordable way to send bulky items from the mainland to the Hawaiian Islands.

Arranging for the transport of your belongings via cargo ship can seem like a daunting task, but when you partner with a reliable moving company, you can rest assured knowing that your items will be shipped properly and arrive safely at your new home. Island Movers, Inc. can connect you with an agent on the mainland to help you determine which belongings you should ship, how these items should be packed in order to safely weather the journey across the Pacific Ocean, and when to ship your belongings so that they arrive around the same time you are ready to relocate to Hawaii.

2. You Will Need Help Juggling Tasks

You’re moving to an island paradise. The enormity of what lays in front of you can’t be understated. You have so much to do — and not just packing and unpacking. You have to deal with moving tasks like sorting items that you may no longer need in your new climate and lifestyle, changing your address on everything, and saying goodbye to family and friends.

You also need to get to know your new home. Hawaii is an incredible place and you’re very excited to live there. Don’t let yourself get so bogged down in moving tasks that you can’t focus on the adventures ahead of you. Instead, let your moving company deal with as many of the stressors as possible so you can research the beaches, activities, schools and jobs closest to your new home.

3. You May Need Temporary Storage Once You Arrive on the Island

The rental market in Hawaii is fiercely competitive, and you may find that you have to settle for an apartment or home that is smaller than you anticipated. If all of your belongings will not fit into your new island home, you can rely on Island Movers, Inc. to help meet your temporary storage needs.

Portable storage units can be filled with items that you will not use on a regular basis, then stored at Island Movers, Inc.’s facility for safekeeping until you are able to secure a larger living space. You can even rely on storage units to house your household items should they arrive on the island before you and your family.

Working with a reliable moving company that can also meet your temporary storage needs reduces the number of times your household items change hands as they travel from the mainland to the Hawaiian Islands.

Deciding to move to Hawaii can be exciting and a little overwhelming. Contact the professionals at Island Movers, Inc. to find out how the experienced staff can help you streamline your move from the mainland.