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Moving and storage often go hand-in-hand. For example, temporary storage can ensure that your belongings stay safe while you’re traveling to your next home or waiting for a new lease to begin.

When you realize that you need storage, your first instinct may be to start touring storage facilities. However, many moving companies also offer short-term storage and even long-term options.

Here are three reasons to store and move your items with the same company.

  1. Decrease Your Overall Costs for Both Services

One of the biggest benefits of bundling moving and storage services is that you may be able to lower your overall costs. If you choose to work with separate moving and storage businesses, you need to account for two sets of service rates, taxes and fees.

When you bundle your services, the payment process is also simpler. If you work with a single company, writing one check or making one credit card payment is all you need to put on your post-move To Do List.

  1. Make Your Move More Convenient and Streamlined

When you store your belongings at a remote facility, you add extra steps to the moving process. Not only will the movers have to come to your current house to load the truck, but they will also have to unload the items at your chosen storage facility, then later reload all the boxes and transport them to their final destination.

Some movers who offer storage provide customers with portable containers that can serve as dedicated space for their belongings. In this situation, your items only have to be loaded and unloaded once. The movers will simply place the whole container in storage and then pick it up when you’re ready to complete the move.

  1. Receive Expert Assistance During Each Step

When you choose your movers, you look for experts whom you can trust with the care and handling of your belongings. When you store with these same professionals, you know that the people working with your possessions are trained to do so.

If you select a secondary storage site, the logistics of your move can become more complex. For example, you’ll need to coordinate two moving days at the storage facility — one to move your belongings from your current home to your storage unit and one to finish the move. You may have to vet two different moving companies or handle the second portion of the move on your own.

If you need to put certain items in storage during the moving process, consider choosing the storage services offered by your mover.

If you need storage during your upcoming move, consult with the Island Movers team. We offer short- and long-term storage options for our customers’ convenience.