Packing your family’s clothing is one of the more tedious moving tasks. Taking care not to wrinkle or ruin clothes means you’ll have to fold and pack carefully. However, we have a few tricks that can help make the chore easier and stop you from stuffing clothes into garbage bags out of frustration. Here’s how to pack your clothing the easy way.

Leave Folded Clothing in Dressers

Spare yourself the work of boxing up drawers of shorts, socks, and pajamas by leaving them in drawers. When the dressers are delivered to your new home, you’ll have fewer boxes to sort through and unpack.

The key is to secure the drawers so they don’t tilt open and spill out clothing when they’re picked up. You can wrap the dressers in plastic wrap to keep the drawers shut. Plastic wrap won’t harm the finish on the dressers, and you can take it off easily with a pair of scissors.

Fill Your Suitcases with Clothes

You have to move your suitcases anyway, so you might as well fill them with clothes. Reserve one for clothing to change into at your new home the evening of moving day. A long day of moving will wear your family out, and you may not feel like unpacking right away. If you have pajamas and spare sets of clothing handy, your family can maintain a somewhat normal routine even if you’re all surrounded by boxes.

Buy Wardrobe Boxes

Moving clothes on hangers is tricky. The clothes slide around, fall off the hangers and leave you with a mess to untangle. Purchase a wardrobe box from your mover and the problem of unruly hangers is solved. A wardrobe box has a hanging rod across the top of it so you can remove your clothes from your closet and hang them in the box. It doesn’t get any easier to move clothes than that.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on wardrobe boxes, then just buy enough to hold suits, formal dresses, and other fragile or expensive clothing that should be disturbed as little as possible during the move.

Use Clothes as Padding

Save on bubble wrap and use casual clothing as padding when you pack. Items like kids’ shorts and t-shirts can be rolled up and placed between dishes or electronics. Place several items of clothing in a trash bag when you need a filler to top off a box. Just pick casual clothes so you won’t be upset if they get dirty or wrinkled during the move.

Place Small Items in Zipper Bags

Place kids’ socks and shoes in zipper bags so they stay together and don’t get lost. You can also use the bags for baby clothes to keep them protected and bundled together. Toss the full zipper bags back into dresser drawers, put them in boxes, or use them as padding.

The bags are the perfect size for kids’ clothing and small items like socks and underwear. Plus, they are sturdy and not as difficult to handle as clothing stuffed into large trash bags.

Donate What You Don’t Need

Moving is a great excuse for getting rid of clothing that doesn’t fit or is out of style. Go through your closet a few weeks before the move and get rid of items you haven’t worn in a long time. Donate them to a thrift store so you don’t feel bad about leaving them behind.

Once you go through your family’s closets, you’ll probably be amazed at all the clothing you’ve accumulated. Don’t move it if you don’t need it. Start life in your new home with clutter-free closets.

The ultimate in carefree packing is to let your mover do all the work. If that sounds like a heavenly idea, contact Island Movers for information about a full-service move.