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At first, packing up your accessories and wardrobe may seem simple. After all, most clothing folds easily and fits into a suitcase or box. However, when you’re moving to a new home, you need to be a little more organized so your clothes won’t wrinkle or get compressed. You’ll also find that clothes and shoes quickly get heavy, especially if you have a large number of jeans or boots.

As you prepare for your move, use these tips to pack your wardrobe so everything arrives at your new residence in top condition.

1. Start With a Closet Clean Out

Residential moves are the ideal time to remove items from your household that are simply taking up space. Go through your closets and drawers to find clothing that no longer fits or is outdated. Then donate or give these items away, so you don’t have to move clothes that you aren’t using.

2. Organize Clothing According to Type

Once you know which items of clothing you want to keep, you can sort them by what type of clothing each item is. For instance, you may place all your jeans into one pile and your heavy coats into another. This will help you to pack like items together, so they are easier to put away when you are ready to unpack.

3. Know What to Pre-Pack

People often put off packing their clothes until the last minute because they assume they’ll need something. However, there are often items of clothing you do not need for several months. As you sort through the clothes, pull out those that are out of season so you can pack them first.

4. Set Aside Clothes for Moving Day

You also want to avoid packing the clothes you’ll need before and during your move. Pick out several outfits you can wear on moving day and in the days surrounding your move. Be sure these outfits include items for work or school as well as leisure activities. You’ll also want to make sure you have an outfit you’ll feel comfortable wearing as you lift boxes and move around inside your home.

5. Use Wardrobe Boxes for Hanging Clothes

Boxes are essential for any move, but you should also be aware that you can find specialty boxes designed for clothing. Wardrobe boxes may be made out of sturdier cardboard than regular types, and they have a bar that goes across the top for hangers.

To use a wardrobe box, you leave the clothes on the hangers and transfer them directly from your closet to the box. You can also add folded clothes or blankets to the bottom of the box to distribute the weight more evenly. Just be careful not to pile things at the bottom so high that they cause the hanging clothing to wrinkle.

6. Give Accessories Extra Care

Accessories like shoes, hats and purses may crumple during your move. Use packing paper to stuff the inside of your accessories, and consider using special boxes for hats and shoes to provide additional protection. You should also be careful with jewelry so it doesn’t get tangled during the move.

7. Watch the Weight of Each Box

Clothing gets heavy fast, especially items that are made from materials such as denim, canvas or leather. As you pack, be sure to check each box to make sure that it is still light enough to lift.

At Island Movers, we can help you pack your wardrobe so it all arrives intact. Contact us today to learn more about how to pack for your residential move.