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As an adult, you probably have mixed emotions about moving. You’re excited to start life in a new neighborhood, but you’re also sad to leave certain people and places behind. Your children probably feel similarly about the move, but since they are younger, they may have a harder time managing their emotions.

If you’re able to keep your kids involved and engaged in the moving process, they will have an easier time coming to terms with the change. They’ll feel like moving is something they are doing — rather than something that is being done to them. The following are some fun and easy ways to get your children engaged in the moving process.

1. Let Them Color-Code Moving Boxes

Many kids love playing with colors and craft supplies, so assign them the duty of color-coding your moving boxes. Give them several rolls of colored tape and let them come up with their own color-coding scheme. For instance, they could put blue tape on all the bathroom boxes and pink tape on all the living room boxes. Putting them in charge of this small task gives them a sense of control, and if they make a mistake, the consequences are minor.

2. Keep a Master Moving List on the Fridge

This strategy works well when you have older kids who are capable of move-involved tasks, such as wrapping dishes in bubble wrap and taking pictures off the walls. Make a master list of every small task that needs to be completed before moving day, from donating old clothing to taking apart beds.

Go through the list with your kids and decide who is capable of handling each task. Put an initial — either your own or your child’s — next to each task to denote who will complete it. Allow your kids to complete the tasks with their initials on their own time, but remind them that the tasks must be done before moving day. Your kids will stay busy while also learning important lessons about time management.

3. Encourage Your Kids to Research Restaurants in Your New Town

When you first arrive in your new home, you will probably want to eat out the first couple of nights so you won’t have to cook. Encourage your kids to use apps like Yelp and Google to research restaurants in the new town, and let each child pick out a place to eat once you arrive. This gives them something to look forward to. They’ll also learn a bit about their new neighborhood in the process.

4. Help Them Create Floor Plans for Their New Rooms

Whether you have them do so on graph paper or use a room-planning app like Magic Plan or Room Scan Pro, encourage your children to start planning a layout for their new bedroom. Show them how to measure their furniture, and let them experiment with different layouts to see where everything fits best and will be the most functional. By the time you’re in your new home, your kids will be so excited to unpack and arrange their rooms.

5. Have Them Clean Out Their Own Rooms

Once everything is packed and out of the old home, you will need to clean thoroughly. Let each child clean his or her own room. This will not only keep them busy, but will also reduce the amount of work on your plate. To keep kids motivated during the cleaning process, make a checklist of items to complete. Also, set a timer and reward them with a small prize if they finish cleaning before the timer goes off.

If you’re able to make your children feel engaged and included in the moving process, they will grow more comfortable with the idea of moving. Keep the strategies above in mind, and contact Island Movers if you’re looking for seamless, worry-free moving assistance.