Oct2018 Onsite Blog 2

Even though standard cardboard boxes have helped millions of people move over the last several decades, modern movers have another option. Plastic bins or containers are becoming an increasingly popular option. If you’re considering switching from cardboard to plastic, take a look at what these bins can do for you and your move.

Moisture Barrier

Water and humidity are your enemy. A rainy day, humid weather or a leak can ruin your belongings during the move. Even though thick cardboard boxes that are properly sealed with plenty of packing tape can reduce the water risks, they won’t stand up to a major storm or serious leak the way a plastic bin can.

Most bins come with snap-on lids that create a tight barrier. This type of moving box helps to keep water out without having to worry about covering every little seam with packing tape.

Sturdy Selection

Along with the ability to resist moisture issues, plastic bins can also withstand more weight than a regular cardboard box. The sturdy structure (with a bin or base and a matching lid) won’t crumble when you place one box on top of another. They also won’t rip, bend or fall apart when you put moderately heavy items in them.

Environmental Option

Reusable plastic bins don’t only benefit the people who are moving — they benefit everyone. More than 25 percent of total municipal solid waste (MSW) is made from paper products, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While paper MSW isn’t only cardboard, boxes made from this material do contribute to the overall total.

Choosing plastic bins eliminates the paper waste that cardboard creates. Instead of tossing boxes into the trash after the move is done, you can reuse plastic bins again and again.

Steady Storage

Not only are plastic bins reusable, but you can continue to use them for storage long after the move. Items that you don’t necessarily need to use immediately after the move or want to put into a storage unit can stay put in their secure plastic home.

Store your extra clothes, old books, unused children’s toys or anything else in these bins, organizing your belongings in an easy-to-access way. Simply label the bins and leave them as-is. The plastic’s firmness makes this type of storage solution easy to stack. Instead of crumbling cardboard boxes, you can store your bins without fear that the belongings on the bottom of the stack will be crushed.

Easy Organization

Unlike cardboard boxes, which usually come in the same shade of brown, bins may be found in a rainbow of colors. This makes it easy to organize your items for storage. You can color code the bins, using different hues for different rooms or different types of household items.

Wheeled Move

Some plastic bins come with removable wheels on the bottom. This option makes your move infinitely easier. Instead of having to lift boxes, you can simply roll them along. This can save you time and serious back pain or muscle strain as you pack, move and unpack.

Easy View

Cardboard boxes make seeing what’s inside impossible. That is unless you remove the tape, open the boxes and unpack the items. This often inefficient method doesn’t make sense to struggle with when you could see what’s inside your boxes without even opening them. Choosing clear plastic bins is an easy alternative to the viewing problems that cardboard boxes can create.

Island Movers offers the use of eco-friendly, reusable plastic bins. Are you ready to move? Do you need help getting your bins from one place to another? Contact us for more information.