When you think of Hawaii, you likely have a romantic image full of deep sunsets on the beach, turquoise ocean, and gorgeous tropical foliage. You imagine the traditional culture with its dances and its cuisine. But did you know that Hawaii isn’t just some exotic place that you visit for entertainment? It makes a great place to live as well. Read below to discover why.

1. You’ll Never Have to Feel Cold Again

On a cold day, Hawaii’s temperatures dip into the 60s and 70s. So if cold temperatures and snowy days

depress you, then you can escape frigid weather forever by moving to Hawaii. However, should you ever miss

the snow, you can find some at the top of Mauna Kea on rare occasions.

2. You Can Benefit From a More Relaxed Lifestyle

Some stereotypes are legitimate. Hawaii does boast a more laidback lifestyle, just as popular media

portrays. So if you would like to have a quieter life and get in some much needed rest and relaxation, make

the move to this island paradise.

3. Your Family Will Always Ask to Visit You

Some people worry that a move to Hawaii will separate them from their families. However, consider for a

moment Hawaii’s popularity as a tourist destination. If you move to this chain of islands, you may have to

beat your friends and family off your front porch with a broom because they’ll come to visit you so often.

4. You Could Start a New Career in a New Industry

Hawaii has a lot to offer in the geological science, ecology, history, and tourist industries, if you

would like to make a fascinating career change. However, if you want to stay in your current industry, the

islands have plenty of job opportunities in every field.

5. You Never Have to Go Far to Go on an Adventure

Local laws and ordinances keep Hawaii’s natural beauty safe from too much development. If you want to go

for a hike, a swim, a horseback ride, or any other recreational activity, you don’t have to drive far more to reach the venue.

You will probably live close enough to a beach that you could walk on it every day and enjoy the fresh air.

6. You Get to Eat Fresh Food Year-Round

Because Hawaii has warm weather all year, farmers can produce fresh fruit in season all year. So you can

purchase fresh fruit and vegetables in local grocery stores whenever you want.

7. You’ll Have Better Access to Asia and Australia

When you live in the continental United States, you have to cross part of a continent and the world’s

largest ocean to reach Asia and Australia. However, if you live in Hawaii, you only have to cross part of an

ocean and pay a fraction of the airfare cost. So, if you’ve ever wanted to visit these continents, Hawaii

gives you the perfect starting point.

8. You’ll Have More Privacy if You Want It-And More Socializing if You Don’t

Just as these islands let you have a more relaxed lifestyle, you can also use them to give yourself more

privacy if you need it. You can have a more private and remote home if desired. But if you want to socialize

more, you can also meet people at plenty of community events-and we don’t just mean luaus. You can also find

other events from people of all cultures.


Has this information made you decide to make the move? You don’t have to handle this tradition on your

own. Call professional movers to streamline the process and begin this new chapter of your life on a good