Think of the all the Kodak moments you’ll experience during a move:

  • Your child’s bedroom, totally empty of toys and furniture
  • Your full moving van or portable storage unit
  • Your whole family together at your new house for the first time

Moving comes with many memorable experiences, and in today’s world, many people choose to share those moments on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help you keep in touch with old friends, but they can also expose some highly personal information to total strangers.

Whether you’re moving to, from, or within the Hawaiian Islands or anywhere else, adhere to the dos and

don’ts below when you discuss your relocation on social media platforms.

Do Connect With People on Social Sites Before You Move

The numerous social media platforms allow you to stay connected to people from all areas and times of your

life, no matter where you live. Because of this convenience, you may assume you don’t have to be Facebook

friends with everyone from your old city before your move. You’ll just hit the “Friend Request” button after

you get settled in your new home, right?

However, with this method, you run the risk of forgetting to keep in touch. You should confirm your inperson

friendships online before the moving van pulls up to your residence. Talk to your friends about the

best platforms for keeping in touch with them. Some people use one or two social media sites almost

exclusively, and that’s where you’ll want to follow your former neighbors and coworkers.

Plus, some people still minimize social media time or stay off these platforms entirely. You’ll want to

exchange phone numbers or email addresses with these individuals before you say goodbye.

Don’t Announce Your Move Online Until You’ve Announced It in Person

Some social media users become accustomed to tweeting about every second of their lives. If you fit into

that category, you may begin crafting a moving announcement that fits into 140 characters or less as soon as

you get the news that you’re moving.

But before you use that compose box, discuss your move with key people face-to-face-or at least in a more

private forum. Make sure you tell family members, bosses, and close friends that you’ll be relocating before

you announce your move online.

Do Post Heartfelt Goodbyes and Thank Yous

Moving can be an emotional time period. You say goodbyes to people you’ve associated with for a

significant portion of your life, and you realize they’ll no longer be a part of your day-to-day experiences.

Social media can help soften the blow of this major life transition. A few days after you officially move

out, craft a sincere and warm thank you for everyone who helped you during your move. Post the note on your

favorite social media site. You can include a final goodbye in the note and tag individuals who deserve

special recognition.

If your moving company has a social media page, you can also post a review of their services. Show

appreciation for their help coordinating your move, and make kindly worded suggestions for how they can

improve their services even more.

Don’t Post Personal or Financial Information About Your House

This tip comes straight from the number one rule of social media: never post sensitive information about

yourself online. You may think you’ve chosen the strictest privacy settings, but words and images on the

Internet are hard to keep totally private.

During a move, take extra care to keep specifics about your house off social media platforms. Don’t

publicly share the addresses of your old and new residences, and don’t announce specific dates of when you’ll

be gone house-hunting. Your home could become a target for thieves.

Also keep financial information about your house’s sale price or your mortgage strictly offline. There may

be limited exceptions to this rule, such as a real estate agent who uses Facebook ads to sell your home.

Do Be Careful About When You Post

This rule naturally follows the previous one. Be extra cautious about what and when you post throughout

your move. For example, let’s say you’re moving to Hawaii from Mainland, USA, and you take a trip to the

islands to find a house. You’ll no doubt take tons of pictures of your trip, even if you have little time for


Although it’s tempting to post those pictures immediately, keep them off social sites until you arrive

back at your current residence. You never know who will see that you’re thousands of miles from home.

The basic rule to follow here is this: when in doubt, don’t post, no matter how many likes or shares a

post will earn you.

Don’t Use Common Hashtags for Your Posts and Pictures

Remember all those photo opportunities you’ll experience during your move? Go ahead and capture them with

your smart phone camera. It’s okay to take a selfie with your new house or one last group photo with your

favorite coworkers.

However, choose unique hashtags when you post your pictures. Common hashtags like #moving are likely used

by hundreds of people on your platform of choice. Using those hashtags on your photos makes them easy for

strangers to find.

The social media tips above are meant to help you make your move safely and smoothly. For additional help

coordinating the details of your move, turn to a trusted moving company.