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Going to college can be a stressful event. Whether you’re starting your first year or returning after summer break, moving everything into a dorm or other type of college housing can be a challenge. These tips can help make your move to college this fall a little less stressful.

Sort, Declutter and Purge

Dorm rooms have limited space. The same is true of university apartments and other types of college housing. Many students find when they arrive at college that not all of their belongings will fit in the space provided. This problem can be solved by sorting, decluttering and purging before leaving home.

Before sorting through all of your possessions this summer, create a list of things that you must have with you when you go to school. Include clothes, kitchen tools, office/school supplies, and personal or sentimental items. As you sort through everything at home, match your possessions to the items on your list. Check off items as you put them into boxes.

When you come upon an item that does not match anything on your list, you must make a choice. Will it come with you, or will it stay behind? Consider the usefulness of each item as you decide what goes and what stays. Items that you decide to leave behind must either be stored at home or disposed of. This purging and sorting may take time, so start early.

Develop Your Packing Skills

Many students pack for college without ever having packed their own moving boxes before. Packing is an art, and one that you will want to learn as you get ready to leave. These tips can help:

  • Put heavy items (like books) into small boxes.
  • Combine fragile items (like mirrors) with soft items (like pillows) to prevent fragile items from breaking.
  • Use good quality packing tape to hold boxes shut.
  • Tape all box seams to prevent boxes from breaking open mid-transit.
  • When stacking boxes, put the largest, heaviest and sturdiest ones on the bottom.

When a box is packed, remember to label it with your name on all sides. This will keep your boxes from becoming lost or mixed up with other boxes. If you anticipate that your boxes will be mingling with those belonging to other students, put a brightly colored sticker on all four sides to make your boxes easily recognizable.

Find Out What Furniture Isn’t Included

Often dorm rooms and other types of college housing will come with furniture. If your dorm is fully or partially stocked with furniture, you’ll need to know this in advance. Talk to representatives from your college to find out exactly what pieces of furniture are included, so you can decide what, if any, furniture you need to bring yourself.

Coordinate With Roommates

When you’re at college, you might be living on your own or living with roommates. If you do have a roommate, this may be someone that you’ve never met or someone you made arrangements to live with.

Either way, you’ll need to coordinate with your roommate before packing to leave. Will you be sharing possessions? Bringing double of everything? Talk to your roommate before getting ready to leave to ensure that you and your roommate are on the same page.

Find Out the Move-In Logistics

When the moving truck arrives at your college, you’ll need to know where it can be parked, if you will be assigned a specific unloading time, whether your building includes elevators, and other specific details. Coordinate with your college to find out this information.

Reduce Stress By Working With a Major Moving Company

Hiring a moving company to help with your arrival at college can reduce stress on your move-in day. Contact a professional to reserve your spot today.

If you have questions about moving for college or another relocation, contact Island Movers. We’ll be happy to assist.