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While many things are easy to toss into a box when moving to a new place, one item that you need to take special care of is the china cabinet. Not only is the china inside very delicate, but the cabinet itself requires some special preparation to move it safely. Here are a few tips for moving the cabinet and its contents to your new home.

The Fine China

The first task will be to pack all of the individual pieces within the china cabinet. Take the following steps to get this done correctly.

Take Photos

It’s a great idea to snap some photographs of the china cabinet before you start taking it apart. The photos can tell you where things went in the cabinet and how they fit together.

Get a Special Box

You can find special moving boxes designed for dishware. These boxes give the items inside extra padding that will protect them from accidental damage in transit. Spend some extra money to buy these boxes for your fine china. You can even use the individual slots in a glassware box to pack small collectibles that would otherwise be difficult to pack safely.

Use Plain Packing Paper

A common mistake when packing fine china is to use printed newspaper for filler material. The problem with this material is that the ink can come off the newspaper and transfer to your fine china. You’ll have a difficult time removing the black powder that is left behind from the ink, which can potentially ruin the china.

You’ll need enough packing paper to wrap each piece individually. This will help you layer individual pieces so they do not come into contact with each other.

The China Cabinet

Preparing a china cabinet is quite different than preparing other pieces of furniture in your home. Go through these steps.

Remove All Glass

Most china cabinets have a lot of glass so you can see the beautiful contents inside. Hopefully, most of this glass can be removed to ensure it doesn’t break during the move. You’ll want to carefully remove glass shelving and glass panes within the doors and wrap them in bubble wrap to give them extra padding. Make sure to cover the corners of the glass, which are most likely to get bumped when moving them to your new home.

If you cannot remove a piece of glass because it is built into a cabinet door, protect it with some cardboard. Use a moving box to cut a piece of cardboard that is slightly bigger than the piece of glass you are protecting, and then tape it to the door with painters tape. This tape will help ensure that the finish of the wood will not be damaged when you remove the tape, and the cardboard gives padding from impacts.

Separate the Cabinet

Most china cabinets have two parts that you can separate from each other: the bottom part of the cabinet and the hutch that sits on top. Separating these parts from each other will make the cabinet lighter and easier to move.

Tape Doors and Drawers Shut

Take some time to secure the doors and drawers of the china cabinet so they don’t accidentally open during the move. Use small strips of painters tape to keep everything closed.

These tips will go a long way in making sure your china cabinet and all of its contents reach your new home safely. If you need professional assistance, Island Movers can handle your delicate items with expertise, giving you peace of mind.