April2018 OnSite Blog2 How to Pack While Your Home Is Up for Sale

Moving often involves the added stress that comes with putting your house on the market. While proper home staging does help you to entice potential buyers, you may find it next to impossible to keep your house organized as you pack.

From figuring out where to stash all those boxes to keeping up with your daily routine, you can use these tips to help you pack for your move and still have your house ready for the next showing.

Use the Opportunity to De-Clutter

Buyers tend to prefer houses that have a spacious ambiance, and clutter makes each room feel smaller. After all, potential buyers will never notice how huge the closets are when they are stuffed full of your belongings. Fortunately, purging your home of everything you no longer need fits both of your main objectives since it reduces the size of your move and creates a more open atmosphere throughout your house.

Start your packing and staging process by going to each room and storage area to find items that you don’t need at your next home. Then make plans for the items to be donated, sold or thrown out before your house is available for tours.

Set the Stage as You Go

As you move from room to room, you can also organize each space as you de-clutter. For instance, you can make sure that all of the clothes in the closet face the same way while you remove the items that you no longer wear. You can also perform quick cleaning tasks, such as wiping down shelves as you remove items to pack.

Designate a Space for Supplies

There is no way around the fact that you need supplies to pack up your belongings. Yet large stacks of boxes, rolls of bubble wrap and packing paper all detract from your charming living environment.

Find a spot in your home that is least likely to attract attention during a showing, such as an area in your garage or attic that has enough space to stash your supplies. While you may not always work in this area, having a designated supply space helps you find what you need in a hurry and keeps it away from potential buyers’ eyes.

Schedule Your Packing Sessions

Naturally, the last thing you need is to have potential buyers tour your home while everything from your closet is strewn across the room. Try to plan time to pack either early in the morning or later in the evening when your house is less likely to be shown.

Start Packing Personal Items

One of the primary purposes of staging your home is to make it inviting, but you also want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves actually living there. For this reason, you may find it best to remove personal items from your house first, such as family photographs or artwork that does not appeal to a wide audience.

Find Creative Places to Stash Every Day Items

While clearing out things such as family photos helps to kick off your move, you will still have items that you use every day. However, things such as diapers or toys are unsightly to viewers of your home. Use stylish baskets with lids to corral these items while adding a decorative touch to your house.

Hide Packed Boxes in a Storage Unit

As you pack, the filled boxes will quickly add up. Yet, you do not want to fill up an entire room of your house with a bunch of cardboard boxes. Work with your movers to find a storage unit to fit your expected amount of boxes so you can move them there and keep your house clear for showings.

At Island Movers, we can help you pack and store your items so your house is always ready to be shown. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage all of the tedious tasks that are involved in a major move.