Do you really need professional help with your next move? Take a look at the top household items that may require the extra help only a moving contractor can provide.

Boxes of Books

You can handle a few books or one box of paperbacks. But what happens when you need to move an entire library? Hire a professional to help you with this part of your move (or the entire move) if you have:

  • Heavy books. Do you still have all your college textbooks or shelves of hardback classics? A few heavy books at a time are easy for almost anyone to lift and transport. But if your books are too heavy for you to comfortably lift, hire a pro.
  • Large quantity of books. Your books may be light by themselves if they’re paperbacks. But in large numbers, even light or paperback books are hard to handle. If you have boxes and bins, books are hard to lift, carry, or easily drive from point A to point B.
  • Delicate books. Does your home library include antique or collectible texts? These fragile books require special handling during your move. Leave this type of job to the professionals.

If you do have delicate, fragile, or valuable/collectible books to move, make sure the professional can safely move these items. Ask the contractor about the company’s experience and expertise handling and transporting these special types of books.

Paintings and Sculptures

If you’re an expert in fine art, you’re knowledgeable about periods, prices, and everything else in the art world. However, you might not know much about moving paintings, sculptures, and other pricey pieces. If you’re an art collector, or have a few paintings/sculptures to move, a professional:

  • Has the right equipment. A heavy stone sculpture isn’t easy to lift and carry on your own. Your artwork’s weight makes a do-it-yourself approach difficult — if not impossible. The moving contractor has dollies and other similar types of equipment that can make it easy to lift and transport these items.
  • Provides extra people to help. Crated, over-sized paintings; tall sculptures; and other types of artwork are awkward to pick up and handle by yourself. If your move is a solo activity, the two or more movers you hire can easily handle these items.
  • Knows how to safely transport fragile artwork. A professional mover knows how to safely carry, pack, and transport your fine artworks from your old home to the new one. This can reduce the risk of mid-move dents, tears, breaks, and other types of damage.

Like collectible books, artwork requires specialized expertise to move. Before you hire a new mover, discuss the relevant experience with paintings and sculptures the company may have. Along with a description of the contractor’s experience or expertise, ask for references from past or current customers.

Large Pieces of Furniture

Fragile, delicate, or valuable books and artwork aren’t the only items that require extra help for you to move. Hire a contractor to help move larger pieces of furniture if:

  • You don’t have someone to help. Can you lift and carry your living room couch by yourself? Chances are the answer to this question is no. A professional contractor can make your solo move go smoothly.
  • Your furniture isn’t easy to take apart. If you can’t disassemble larger items, you may need help to lift, carry, and transport a dining room table, end table, bookshelf, or other large piece of furniture.
  • You don’t have transportation. You can fit your clothes and a few personal items into your car. But you need a van or the large truck the mover already has if you want to transport furniture.

The mover will need to know how many furniture item or the weight of the items before they can provide you with an estimate. If you need to move several rooms, the contractor may have to bring more than one truck.

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